Can’t believe it’s almost time to fly …… I’ll miss my girl, Lucy! DSC_0011DSC_0004



There is a local taxi driver that decorates his cab in accordance with the holidays/seasons.  He has picked me up twice when I’ve called for a taxi; once at Christmas time, and being surrounded by ornaments and decorations and lights (and upbeat Christmas music, of course!) was the perfect was to start my vacation.  The second time was on Halloween last year, and when I saw it was him and his fabulous fun-house on wheels, I was so glad I had donned a pair of giraffe ears & antlers at the last minute.  Driving home from the store today, we passed each other along the road.  I could see his dashboard was covered with the pastel, plastic Easter eggs that my Mom used to hang on strings from the blooming dogwood tree outside our front door.  He passed by too quickly for me to register anything more, I don’t know if he was even looking to see the delight on my face and my goofy wave, but I felt so good right then and I hope he knows how much joy he brings to those of us lucky enough to travel with him.  I remember that he is so positive and happy about life that I felt uplifted when talking to him; he has that special gift.  Each time I rode with him, I exited his cab in such a state of joy and love of life that it was as if I was in a scene for one of the wonderfully corny Christmas movies on cable that I love so much.  Who knows, perhaps he is an angel and, for reasons I won’t ever understand, I was being graced with a gift from my Higher Power.  Or maybe he’s just a regular guy who gets a kick out of decorating and happened to be having a really good day each time I saw him.  Either way, the gift was in how I felt and still feel when remembering him, and I accept it with gratitude!  Image


A day in “country” (about 25 min south-west of me) at a cottage on someone’s property where a friend is temporarily staying.  Gorgeous area and you’d think you were back east somewhere!  Anyway, this duck lives with their chickens and thinks he’s a chicken — I smell a story here somewhere …… Or maybe that’s the chicken poo or wild garlic I still smell 😉  Image



Scene: Friday late afternoon at knitting/yarn shop right down the street (“drop in Friday”) sitting in cozy chairs by a beautiful fireplace (no fire) surrounded by fellow crafters, including a group of young girls in the alcove by the large window looking right onto 3rd Avenue, and walls and walls of gloriously colored wool. 
Aba helped me pick out my wool and ‘needles’ and patiently showed me the moves.  Many oops later, as well as some expert fixing of a rather complicated boo boo by the store owner, I produced this!  Yes, this is the result of about an hour’s worth of intense, focused effort, but we could both see my fingers finally starting to get into the rhythm by the end (if only I could remember to drop a stitch each time…).  More practice to come, but I’m determined to make at least 1 scarf before deciding if this hobby is a ‘keeper’ for me!  In meantime, it’s fun and I spent a great couple hours with people who made me smile in an a pretty, peaceful environment.  
Admission: I kept thinking of the scene in Foul Play when she explains stabbing the intruder with the needles and the cop says, “Narcotics?” and she responds, “No! Knitting!” 
Admission part Deux: yes, that’s my watercolor in background; that was another initial effort of a different source, still in process…Image